Monday, April 5, 2021

Three Unique Toronto Sandwiches

Chartered professional accountant Andrew Sommerhalder joined the Canadian design agency Envision in 2019. Outside of his work as a group controller, Andrew Sommerhalder has an interest in Toronto’s food scene and searches the city’s restaurants for the best sandwiches.

Toronto is Canada’s largest city and home to a diverse and celebrated food culture. There are several sandwich offerings that can only be found in Toronto. The most famous is the peameal bacon sandwich. This lunchtime staple was invented by a vendor at the city’s famed St. Lawrence Market. The peameal bacon sandwich contains fried sliced pork loin rolled in cornmeal and served on a soft roll. Another unique offering is the Nashville Ice, a sandwich consisting of a fried chicken patty, a scoop of ice cream, and honey. Toronto is also the home of the “Mind-blowing Chicken Sandwich.” While the ingredients are traditional, the sandwich’s presentation is unique. The egg buns are filled to the brim with a mixture of chicken, tahini, onion, and tomatoes.

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